Video: “Climate Change in the Southeast” Session 3, “Solutions and Research Needs”

Here are the speakers we hosted for the third session of our “Climate Change in the Southeast” series, November 17, 2011, which focused on solutions and research needs. Click on each video to stream it in your browser. (Quicktime required)

James Porter:
“Last Week: GA on Our Minds” (6:50)

Pam Knox:
“Climate Change in Georgia” (13:21)

Nik Heynen:
“Education and Global Climate Change” (15:44)

Mark Risse:
“Animal Agriculture and Global Climate Change” (13:57)

Alan Franzluebbers:
“Agriculture Solutions to Global Climate Change” (16:01)

Bill Sheehan:
“The Story of Stuff and Global Climate Change” (16:55)

Drew Bowen:
“Solar Energy” (13:34)

John Rogers:
“Energy‑Water Collision” (17:28)

Panel Q&A