Video: First Climate Change in the Southeast Panel – Aquatic Systems

Here are the speakers we hosted for the first session of our “Climate Change in the Southeast” series, September 23, 2011, which focused on aquatic systems.  Click on each video to stream it in your browser. (Quicktime required)

Ron Carroll,
“Climate Change: Evidence & Impact in the Southeastern US” (18:08)

John Kominoski,
“Water Supply: Balancing Human & Environmental Needs for Freshwater in a Changing Climate” (16:54)

Duncan Elkins,
“Implications of Climate Change for Fishes of the Southeast: Time to Face the Bouillabaisse?” (16:31)

Kyle Barrett,
“Climate Change in the Southeast: Amphibians” (13:45)

April Ingle,
“Water Efficiency & Conservation” (12:55)