Do the March, then “Do The Math” on December 1

Dear Georgia Climate Change Coalition members, friends,
On November 20, many Athens and UGA climate organizers saw famed climate activist Bill McKibben “Do the Math” when 350.Org’s national tour visited Atlanta. They have sold out every venue in their twenty-city tour. Small wonder!

We returned home fired up…and we’ll now do the math ourselves here in Athens.

To share in some good news about climate change, join us. At 1 pm, this Saturday, December 1, Sierra Student Coalition: UGA Beyond Coal will march from the university’s coal fired power plant to north campus to Athens City Hall with a powerful message of their own. (Meet on Cedar Street between the coal boiler and the Poultry Science Building.)

At 2 pm, we convene at New Earth Music Hall (227 West Dougherty St), where Georgia Climate Change Coalition members and Beyond Coal students will crunch McKibben’s numbers and strategize what comes next.

With any luck, at 4 pm, we’ll pull up the SEC championship game on New Earth’s big screeen and pull for our Georgia Bulldogs!

For more information on “Do the Math,” click to view our press release or “Terrifying New Math.”
For Saturday’s info, visit and UGA Beyond Coal; for info on the 2pm program email or call 706-340-4870.
Showtime is 1 p.m. for the march, 2 p.m for the rally.
Pease invite your family, friends, kids, list servs. Refreshments available.
Go Dawgs!