2013 Annual Meeting – August 20

Dear GC3 members, friends:

After a busy two years, the Georgia Climate Change Coalition (GC3) is hosting its second annual meeting next Tuesday, August 20 at Little Kings Shuffle Club in downtown Athens. Featuring GC3 highlights, refreshments, rally, visuals and music, we invite the general public to join us.

Please attend this important meeting. Bring family and friends. Contact your list servs and social media.


Rich Rusk, secretary

Georgia Climate Change Coalition

480 Stanton Way, Athens, GA 30606



Georgia Climate Coalition Hosts Rally & Annual Meeting

On Tues, Aug. 20, the Georgia Climate Change Coalition, headquartered in Athens but with statewide reach, is hosting its second annual rally & meeting at Little Kings Shuffle Club (223 West Hancock Ave) in downtown Athens. Showtime is 6 p.m., when “GC3” will elect officers, review highlights and action plan, intermixed with music, refreshments, speakers and visuals.

“With its eclectic mix of faculty and students, researchers and activists, fly fishers and conservationists, GC3 and the Classic City are loaded with talent,” said GC3 secretary Rich Rusk, “Join with us as we face unsettling climate impacts and this huge threat to Georgia and the entire planet.”

For more information, contact info@georgiaclimatecoalition.org or call 2013 706-202-7802.