Welcome to the home of the Georgia Climate Change Coalition

The Georgia Climate Change Coalition is a group of citizens and organizations who share an interest in climate change in Georgia and the Southeast.  Based in Athens, Georgia, we sponsor events and educational programs and promote collaboration between our member groups.

Thanks to  everyone who came out to our events in September.  We hope to have video from the symposium and the march posted shortly.  Meanwhile, here is the list of appeals we presented on the steps of City Hall on September 24:

Georgia Climate Change Coalition
Detailed Appeals to Athens-Clarke County (ACC)*

Develop and implement a comprehensive ACC Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions including, but not limited to, the following measures. Apply information from UGA’s Climate Action Planning (in-progress) to ACC issues where applicable.

  1. Implementing building ordinances and other efficiency initiatives to reduce carbon footprint of structures.
    Provide financial incentives for structures that incorporate these and other features:
    • Passive solar
    • Rooftop solar
    • Highest R-value attic/ wall insulation and insulated windows
    • Re-used building materials
    • Composting toilets
  2. Fully funding Athens Transit System
  3. Developing and implementing a zero-waste plan, beginning by:
    1. Promoting separation of all food scraps from garbage in Athens-Clarke County and replacing municipal sewage sludge with those food scraps in ACC leaf and limb compost.
    2. Providing financial disincentives for:
      1. Distribution of plastic bags from retail establishments
      2. Use of non-compostable food packaging
  4. Fully implementing the Bicycle Master Plan
  5. Supporting decommissioning the UGA coal plant and converting to rooftop solar.
  6. Increasing water efficiency and conservation to reduce water use in Athens-Clarke County, beginning with measures like the following:
    1. Provide financial incentives (e.g., rebates) for individuals and business who retrofit to higher-efficiency plumbing fixtures, gray water systems and composting toilets.
    2. Approve a “retrofit-on-reconnect” ordinance requiring installation of high-efficiency plumbing fixtures if not already present in homes before the home is sold and new water service established.
    3. Create a mechanism for continual assessment of the ACC water rate structure, applied to all water uses both indoors and outdoors, to incentivize conservation and dis-incentivize high water use.
  7. Support Presidential denial of permit for the Keystone XL pipeline

* for delivery to Mayor Denson as a letter and posted at www.georgiaclimatecoalition.org